François Houle, Ing.

Assistant Executive Vice-President and Vice-President Strategic Development - Civil and Mining EBC.

François is an entrepreneur and business leader who thrives on challenges. Sport is of paramount importance to him. Bringing well-being and balance to young and old alike, sport brings people together and is synonymous with surpassing oneself and happiness. A lover and lover of his native city, he believes deeply in Québec City's chances of successfully hosting this world event. We have no choice but to seize this opportunity!

Nathaly Riverin, M.A., D.E.A.

President, CEO and founder of Rouge Canari Inc.

A senior strategic advisor and economist by training, Nathaly is a visionary recognized for developing large-scale innovations, which require the mobilization of stakeholders and the ability to build multidisciplinary, high-performance teams.

Involved in entrepreneurship for more than 25 years, Nathaly initiated the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship, the Quebec Entrepreneurship Index of the Fondation de l'entrepreneurship and the Provincial Summit on Intrapreneurship.

Passionate about developing the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs, she has a solid knowledge of the business community.

A fervent believer in regional development and aware of all of Québec City's assets on a global scale, Nathaly is motivated by the Québec 2030 Winter Games project.

Maxime Laviolette, MBA

Managing Director, Dessercom

Maxime has a knowledge of the workings of amateur sport in Quebec and Canada. He has been involved in it for more than 30 years. For Maxime, the economic and social success of a community is intimately linked to sports. The crisis of 2020 has confirmed the need to encourage tomorrow's generation to take an interest in amateur sport. A community that takes an interest in sports will surely be a healthy community!

Stephanie Huot

Chief Executive Officer, Huot Aviation Group, GROUPE HUOT

A targeted successor to the Huot Group, Stéphanie is recognized for her business dynamism, her mobilizing leadership, her entrepreneurial commitment and her ability to focus on her objectives.

Involved with the next generation of entrepreneurs and young business people, she was one of the panelists at the International Summit on Entrepreneurship in May 2019. She was named Young Business Personality of the JCCQ in 2017 and was a finalist as "Quebec Rescuer" at the JCCM in 2018.

Stéphanie is driven by entrepreneurial, personal and sports development. Driven by her vision and goals, she has accomplished one of her sporting dreams, the Mount Everest Trek, in November 2018.

Stephanie's motivation for getting involved in the Québec City 2030 Winter Games project is that it will create a positive and inspiring impact for the youth and the next generation of Quebecers of tomorrow.

François Bilodeau, CPA, CA

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Québec City Airport Inc.

Mr. Bilodeau, CPA, CA has held the position of Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since 2010. A chartered accountant by training, he has solid experience in strategy, planning and organization of financial and human resources.

Mr. Bilodeau has held senior management positions in the fields of finance and real estate for prestigious organizations such as SSQ Financial Group and Les Nordiques de Québec. In order to be involved in the development of his region, he was involved with the NHL Committee and the Canadian Olympic Committee as part of the Celebrating Excellence event in 2006.

Motivated to prepare a plan to deliver profitable games in a controlled risk environment is the challenge we will all face together.

Manon Allard, PMP

President and owner of MALLAR RSVP Inc.

A woman of action, always on the lookout for new technologies, Manon founded MALLAR RSVP Inc. in 2010, a company that specializes in remote administrative services (telecommuting) such as secretarial work, bookkeeping, translation and telephone reception.

Mallar RSVP Inc. was a finalist at the 2020 Fidéides awards of the Quebec City Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was also honoured at the Gala Reconnaissance of the Jacques-Cartier RCM in February 2021.

Always dedicated and passionate, Manon is a very active entrepreneur in several networks in the Quebec City business community. The challenges inherent in major structuring projects such as the Olympic Games are also a great source of motivation for her.

According to Manon, the IOC reform will promote more accountable, transparent and deficit-free Games. Québec 2030 will also help mobilize our region's business community while contributing to the revival of the Quebec economy and promoting the splendid city of Québec around the world.

Jean-Philippe Bonneau, MBA

President Ambicio

Jean-Philippe has always wanted to promote Quebec City, whether through his business or its many social, educational and entrepreneurial implications. A true enthusiast of the sports he practices, manages or administers, he understands the power of sports on the economy, politics and the health of society. When he invests in a project, it is to make it a major success and to apply his motto: "To infinity and beyond".

Vincent Bernier

Chairman Bemesa Group

Vincent has a solid experience in promotion and development and specifically in the search for partnerships and strategic alliances for nearly 30 years. Involved internationally since his time at the Centre des Congrès de Québec, Vincent has an impressive network of contacts.

Through the Club de Hockey Les Nordiques and the Fondation Nordiques, Vincent has acted as an agent for professional and amateur athletes and has been involved in fundraising activities for them.

A volunteer for Québec 2002, passionate and unifying, Vincent strongly believes in Québec City's potential to host the 2030 Games.

François Whittom

Entrepreneur and scientist

Originally from the Gaspé Peninsula, François is, by virtue of his doctoral studies, a scientist by training and an entrepreneur by nature.

Passionate about hockey, he has been working in professional sports for more than 20 years as an exercise physiologist. This expertise has allowed him to be invited to collaborate on various projects around the world and to work alongside the greatest names in the world of hockey.

François has worked in politics, as a special advisor to various ministers, including the minister responsible for recreation and sport. In addition to operating his laboratory, he acts as a strategist for certain businesses and organizations and sits on various boards of directors.

François firmly believes that the Province of Quebec and the City of Quebec have everything it takes to successfully present an event of the magnitude of the Winter Olympic Games in accordance with the basic principles of sustainable development as set out in the new vision of the International Olympic Committee.

Antoine Rouleau

Vice President Sales & Marketing Blaxton Franchise Canada Inc. Market development RSC conseil.

Antoine is a businessman from the Quebec City area. Well known for the development of the Blaxton restaurant chain, he is closely or remotely associated with the growth of a multitude of Quebec businesses.

Antoine has been developing business since 1994. Creator of several original concepts, his ideas have resulted in a succession of successes. A born matchmaker, he creates relevant business relationships for entrepreneurs. Market development, fieldwork, relationships, networking and representation are part of what he is passionate about on a daily basis. A political organizer at all levels of government, Antoine is aware of the development issues of the National Capital.

His primary motivation for the Québec City 2030 Winter Games project is to make Québec City shine in the eyes of the world for the future prosperity of the region's entrepreneurs.

Richard Bureau, CPA, CGA, MBA

President, Richard Bureau CPA Inc.

Richard Bureau provides strategic and financial consulting services. He was previously Director of Strategy at the Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport, where he was involved in the $315 million financing project to ensure the airport's development.

Throughout his career, Richard has also worked closely with various management teams to bring to fruition files involving disciplines as varied as finance, marketing, public relations, human resources, etc. It is this diversity of experience that has led him to develop several strategic or business plans for different types of companies.

Richard was also Vice President of two life and health insurance companies after working for four years in management consulting for an international consulting firm.

Richard holds a degree in administration from Laval University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

What motivates Richard the most in his participation in the Québec 2030 project are the new values advocated by the International Olympic Committee, which make it possible to organize in our region Olympic Games on our scale and at reasonable costs, which represents, in short, a true return to the roots of the Olympic movement.

Mark Charest

Founder DG - Quebec 2030 Committee

Architect of the project, Mark is passionate about the sport he still practices. A visionary, Mark is a promoter, organizer and a rallying force at heart. Owner of www.charestarts.com, Mark is also an emerging artist and for him creating art is his way of freeing himself in this still wonderful world that must be appreciated.

Founder of NHL Quebec (return of the Nordiques), he was involved in the organization and financing of major sporting events such as Raid Pierre Harvey and others. Mark says: "I believe in IOC reform, Quebec is in a good position and deserves the Games. We need a breath of fresh air. Let's mobilize towards a promising project that is good for our nation and our future! I love my city, my province and my country, and we must contribute to their development and influence."

Transparent, cheaper and greener games.
All together around 2030!