After noting the lack of natural snow conditions in which the 2018 Winter Games were held at Pyŏngchang and following Calgary's formal withdrawal from the bid process for the 2026 Winter Games, a committee was formed in 2019 to analyze the possibility of holding the Olympic Winter Games in Quebec City.

One of the points that has attracted attention in this analysis is that the IOC declares that it is honouring its commitment with the substantial changes announced as part of its reform called Agenda 2020, for which implementation has already begun.

This leaves, in a more concrete way, a door wide open for Quebec City.

With the experience of its 2002 bid and that of the 2010 Games at the Canadian level, Québec City holds a privileged position.

A promising project such as the Olympic Games requires the global consensus of the entire population and its governments.

The committee is launching its campaign and invites each one of you to support the process by registering on the site, which will help convince governments to move towards a candidacy.

This document presents the main arguments that justify the opportunity and the elements favourable to Quebec City's bid to convince IOC members to trust it and to hold the Games, at home, in 2030.

Transparent, cheaper and greener games.
All together around 2030!